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At Rouleur Cycles, we cater to the needs of all different types of cyclists. From the elite level road bike racer looking for pure performance to the child getting their first bike. Some different bikes we offer are Road Bikes, Ebikes & Mountain Bikes. Auckland has become a hotspot for cycling over the years with increased infrastructure to support increasing numbers. As the demand for cycling has increased so have the number of bike shops in Auckland. There are several different kinds of bike shops some specialising in low end bicycles, second hand bicycles, high end bicycles and a mixture of all!



E-Bikes have been on the up for the past few years in NZ. They are essentially a standard bicycle with an electric motor either in the bottom bracket or wheel that allows you to go fast with very little effort. E-Bikes also come in many different forms but the most common is a commuter style bike. As roads in NZ get busier every day more people turn to E-Bikes that can make the daily commute a walk in the park while still giving you a better workout than sitting in a car. The battery and motor tend to weigh several kg, making E-Bikes usually over 20kg.


Road Bikes

Lightweight frame, Road Bikes tend to either be made from alloy or carbon fibre. These materials are substantially lighter making it easier to ride uphill and also provide stiffness which increases power transfer leading to more speed. The downside to using these materials for road bikes, especially carbon fibre is that they are more prone to being damaged than other materials such as titanium or steel frames.

Rouleur Cycles Workshop

Here at Rouleur Cycles we believe a superior workshop is a cornerstone to any successful bike shop. Our highest priority is to look after your bike like it is one of our own.

Mini Tune $30, Complete Tune $80,
Deluxe Tune $130, Overhaul $250,
Other Services. Vary on price

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Mountain Bikes in NZ

Mountain Bikes are simply bikes made for riding off road i.e Mountains. Mountain Biking gaining popularity over time, the bike industry has produced several different types of mountain bikes for different forms of mountain biking. Mountain bikes also come in full suspension or just front suspension also known as a hardtail. The latter is used primarily for cross country riding where you will be riding both uphill and downhill as it is much easier to ride uphill with only front suspension unlike full suspension which is optimal primarily for all mountain as its does a much better job of shock absorbing with two points of suspension on the frame. Rouleur Cycles has several lower priced hardtail beginner mountain bikes starting from $750. Our bike shop in Auckland, NZ also provides a large range of high end mountain bikes, both full suspension and hardtail standards primarily from iconic American brand Cannondale.