Castelli Cycle Clothing

Castelli clothing is the creation of 1970s pro cyclist Maurizio Castelli, who devoted his life to designing high-performance cycle racing clothing. He was a tireless innovator, introducing lycra to shorts design in1977 and colours in 1981. Maurizio died doing what he loves, riding his bike up the Cipressa Climb in 1995. In 2003 the Cremonese family acquired Castelli. Castelli went on to sponsor many professional teams. Castelli test team were the first to debut the aerodynamic Castelli Jersey which sprinter teams lusted after.

An Ideal Cycle Racing Jersey for the Winter

With the help of modern fabrics Castelli was the trend setter for cycle clothing items like the reflective Pocket Liner Rain Jacket, Nano flex warmers and the famous Gabba. They have since gone onto make the Gabba convertable and the perfetto which is a lighter weight version of the gabba and uses stretchy material on the back and under the arms. This makes an ideal race jersey for winter here in Auckland New Zealand coupled with the Nanoflex armwarmers.

The proof was that Castelli had the best garments was when team riders sponsored by other brands started to buy Castella Gabbas and use marker pens to crudely black out the Castelli logo. Castelli the company whose calls went un-answered by a large numbers of big teams for many years, now became super popular. Five world tour teams asked Castelli to provide team clothing in 2015. Some even didn’t want money. However, Castelli were committed to focusing solely on the Cannondale team and MTN-Qhubeka team. So they can provide appropriate service.

The Castelli brand here at Rouleur cycles is something we hold and high regard as we have our shop kit made by Castelli and use all of their winter with wet weather clothing ourselves. We have all sizes and models so if you want to check out the best Castelli cycle clothing range in NZ then Rouleur Cycles is the best place to do this.