Colnago Bikes

It’s fair to say that Colnago is the most venerable bicycles brand in the world.

It’s the Ferrari of bike brands. The company was founded by the legendary mechanic Ernesto Colnago in 1952 so although not the oldest brand around it’s certainly had more results than most with the famous Eddy Merckx doing the most for the brand by winning nearly every major title for the Colnago equipped Molteni Team. The palmares include Iconic events such as the Tour de France, the Giro and the spring classics. Known as “The Cannibal” he also smashed the world hour record in 1971 on a custom Colnago bike using a titanium stem, drilled chainrings and alloys that were so advanced they had to be made in the USA because technology required was not available in Europe at the time. Ernesto Colnago has shown he is creative and is innovative with his designs throughout the decades. With creations such as the Crimped Columbus tubing, the Mexico, the double down tube carbon frame to various incarnations of the Master frame, with its unique star shaped tubes and straight fork. The C40, 50, 59 and now C60 have won more spring classic races than any other frame.

The collaboration with Ferrari over the years on bikes such as the C series have been the template for the modern carbon racing frame and is regarded as the most rock solid designs with its carbon lugged tubes and ground breaking star fork along with the very innovative B-Stays all made and designed in Italy.

Why Colnago Bikes are Special?

The Colnago brand is one of the most iconic road racing frames due to its rich history and amazing handling characteristics. Most carbon frames today are cast as a single piece, but the Colnago C60 bicycle uses the lug system and best of all offer a near custom option in frame sizes and dimensions: there are 14 different configurations with either Horizontal or sloping top tubes, as well as true total custom frames. Colnago is one of the few brands that offers many different dimensions within sizes. With the flag ship bike C60 frame it’s easy to find a bike that suits one’s body measurements.


This frame has been developed to be as fastand functional, and represents continuity with the original Colnago Concept project – the first carbon fiber frame, developed by Ernesto Colnago in collaboration with Enzo Ferrari in 1986. It is the combination of pure speed and power. Every little detail of the cycle has been designed to bring the aerodynamic performance of the frameset to the best level. Superb ride quality and efficiency transform this Colnago bike into a real weapon with which to beat your competitors!

2017 will see the debut of the first Chinese backed cycling team in the World tour, where Colnago will, once again, mark the future of cycling. If you are a fan of Colnago bikes and like to own one you are welcome to visit our store in Auckland, NZ. Meanwhile if you have an inquiry regarding Colnago bikes do not hesitate to contact us.