Cervelo Bikes in NZ

Cervelo is one of the most prestigious cycling brand in NZ and worldwide, with its range of R-series road bikes, S-series aero-road bikes, P-series triathlon bikes, C series and T4 track bike all used at the highest level in professional cycling and triathlon.Cervélo bikes established the aero bike group with the Soloist, and more than 16 years later leads the market for aero road bikes.

Cervelo S Series

The S Series Cervelo bikes are proven to be the fastest in both the wind tunnel & the real world. Designed for World Tour sprinters and solo breakaways artist, they are also light enough to be used on the climber’s course. The Cervélo S Series bikes engineered to optimal aero dynamics and stiffness to maximize efficiency. The focus on aerodynamics is visible in every aspect of the design, from the tube shapes to the speed-maximizing Core Design Features.

Cervelo P Series

Cervélo P Series bikes are in the triathlon/time-trial group. Regularly on pro-race podiums, these are the most popular bicycles at Ironman and time-trial events for all levels of athletes in NZ. Extensive testing on aerodynamic designs have helped us develop the fastest UCI legal frames possible by also the right quality and geometry allow for all shapes and sizes to benefit from our bikes.

Rouleur Cycles, as the premium Cervelo bike provider in NZ have made the P series bikes easy to adjust and setup with no speciality tools needed and no proprietary components. solutions, maximizing speed management with low maintenance.

Cervelo R Series

The R Series is engineered to optimize stiffness, strength and comfort while still offering low weight. The best of R Series is Cervelo project California which was developed with Squoval 3 tube shapes, which have been designed to offer the best ride quality with vertical compliance and vibration absorption.

Cervelo C Series Bikes

Cervélo has now launched the C Series. Designed to encourage confidence through its new endurance fit that delivers superior & stable handling. Cervelo is most versatile platform office too best of both worlds by designing a comfortable versatile performance frame. This is the first frame that cervelo has uniquely integrated a disc braking system. The T4 carbon frame has been derived from cervelo leading time trial bikes being able to withstand the most powerful explosive standing starts has proven its good enough to win Olympic gold medals. T4 features pursuit geometry and is often used in endurance events with simple change of bar and stem.