At Rouleur Cycles bike store in Aucland, NZ, we provide bikes from brand Cannondale which is a American bicycle manufacturer that was started in 1971. Cannondale is well known for setting the trend in the cycling industry, often through manufacturing in house componentry that integrates with their bicycles. An example of this is the BB30 bottom bracket standard which was solely designed by Cannondale and is now a common standard across many other frame manufacturers.

The man behind many of Cannondale’s innovative designs is Peter Denk. He started out designing bikes for Scott but then moved to Cannondale as he saw them as an icon in the bike industry with his creative mind he has designed and manufactured the best bikes in the world incorporating every attribute wanted for a bicycle, comfort, lightweight, strong and great handling.

The American brand was first well known for its aluminium bikes which often won several awards and was so good it often out did its carbon counterparts. Cannondale still produces top level aluminium frames today, by manipulating every aspect of the alloy they claim to be able to create the strongest, lightest and best handling alloy frames. They also provide a lifetime warranty on all their aluminium frames, proving they stand by their products and know they are built to last.

Award Winning Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale also has become a powerhouse in the carbon fibre frame industry producing the stiffest and lightest frames both for on the road and off the road. In fact the flagship racing bike, 2012 EVO premium Cannondale road bike was named “Best Bike in the World” in the March 2012 volume of Tour magazine. Then in 2015 Velo Awards: Cannondale wins Road Bike of the Year and then Velo News also gave it road bike of the year in 2015.

The Synapse was named “Best Endurance Road Bike” in 2015 Best of Cycling Awards by which is incredible as the Tour Magazine is one of the most popular cycling magazines in Europe with many top European brands wanting this award.

At Rouleur Cycles we sell and ride Cannondale bikes and components in NZ as we believe they are the market leaders in the bicycle industry and provide you with the best ride quality.