At our shop in Auckland, Rouleur Cycles stock key brands: Fizik, Sanmarco, Adamo ISM, Fabric & SMP. Our key triathlon and time trial bike seats which has become the most popular bike seats used that at Iron Man. The seats have also been used by Olympic medalist and UCI road racing professionals. The Bike Seats have been designed to avoid the pressure that in the past has caused numbness for cyclist. As a bonus they also helped keep the UCI cyclist within the 5 cm rule. 

Our Expert Bike Fitter

At Rouleur Cycles, we have an experience bike fitter who was the original importer of ISM bike seats into New Zealand and he has fitted 100’s of athletes to the ISM bike seats. He has developed an angle range that everybody fits into. Over the years the owner of ISM Steve Toll has added more bike seats to the ISM range due to product testing and feedback from athletes from around the worlds. Once properly setup these bike seats are comfortable for all shapes and sizes. The bike petals range come either in Titanium or chrome alloy. The seat models are as follows is the Road, PS1.1, PS1.0, PR3.0, PR2.0, PR1.10, PN2.1, PN1.1, PN1.0, PM2.0, PL1.1, PL1.0, Berkley, Urbaine, Touring, Sport & the racing.

Variety of Bike Seats and Manufacturers

Fizik’s parent company, Selle Royal originally founded in 1956 and were the largest bicycle saddle producers in the world from the 70’s,80’s and 90’s. They wanted to get into the road racing scene in a big way so started the Fizik brand in 1996. Back then, the parts and accessories landscape in cycling was very different to now. The mountain bike boom of the early 1990s had all but leveled the road bike market to dust. The key model names that started it all were Aliante, Arione and Antares which are the basis of the spinal concept and where the Kurve model was based upon which are named Bull, Snake and Chameleon. They have also developed the Versus which have a channel down the middle to reduce the pressure through the middle of the seat.

Sell Sanmarco was established in 1935 became famous for handmade Italian bike seats. Through the 80’s and 90’s these were the racing settle of choice. They now have a vast range of bike seats and still ridden by top professionals also in the world today. The scoop bike seat has been designed for flexibility and economic field for all types of cyclist. The flexible base, vacuum bonded upper and durable rail have proved to be the best comfort and balanced with performance and value for the fabric scoop. There are three rider profiles Flat, shallow & radius.

SMP has set a fundamental objective:

  • To Reduce pressure on the perineum and the pressing of neuro-vascular structures in order to reduce the incidence of genitourinary issues and discomforts in cyclists.
  • To pursue this goal we set further objectives: SMP saddles must have an innovative design and top quality.

R&D activities meant defining exclusive patents with regard to shape, curvature and the dimensions of the various contours that make up the saddle.

SMP models are determined by common and unique features of SMP production:

1. The nose of the bike saddle: the characteristic "beak" shape has been designed to provide a flat base for strain when sitting, for example when facing long uphill climbs and as help in descents, offering greater bike control using the thighs. Furthermore, the most important thing is that testicles are not pressed upward therefore increasing the comfort.

2. Bike seat's middle channel: its unique dimensions allow the rectum, prostrate, pudendal vein, the dorsal vein and artery of the penis, scrotum and testicles, the vulva and clitoris to not have any pressure.

3. Cyclist's seated position: Overall body weight is divided between the rear and the lower part of the ischial tuberosities. The position is favoured by the back profile shaped in such a way to avoid pressure on the coccyx when cycling on bumpy roads.

4. The length of the rails/frame: it permits any cyclist to find the correct position on the saddle, making installation particularly simple and efficacious on practically any seat post.