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Which Bike is Right for You?

13 Mar 2017 Posted by Rouleur Cycles

One of my favourite past times is to be hunting for a new bike with the latest and greatest technology and I’m sure many other fellow cyclists like me love to do the same. But if your new to our wonderful sport of cycling it can seem like a mammoth of a task to find the perfect bicycle to suit your needs and wants. With sales everywhere and one shop telling you one thing and another telling you the polar opposite it can certainly be a very daunting task and trust me, when I first went looking for my new bike I encountered a lot of contradicting information and so I hope I can help all you newbies out there make the right choice and save a lot of time and money. 

First of all I like to write down on pen and paper exactly what I will want to do with the bicycle. For example I want to commute to work as fast as possible with least effort or I want to bomb my local downhill trails. By writing what I want to do with bicycle I can start to create a shortlist of potential bikes. I recommend to then also write down any specific features you need and want on the bike. An example for this could be disc brakes or a compact crank-set. 

Now with this information in hand I like to begin doing some research online for bikes that match my criteria. For example I want a fast and lightweight bike with disc brakes and so I find the Cannondale Super Six Evo 2017 Disc Brake bike and see if it matches my other criteria of lightweightness and at least an ultegra level groupset, which it happens to have therefore I will add this bike to my shortlist.

After compiling a list of potential bikes I normally then go around to local shops and begin searching for the perfect one. Whether it be and ebike, road bike or mountain bike in NZ I always purchase from the local shop as they can provide after sales service, warranty and are generally just good people to know, something you don't get with online shops! With my shortlist in hand I go around and find each potential bike but before I pull the trigger on a bike I always recommend to get sized up by a professional bike fitter to get an accurate idea of what size bike would suit. I personally know a lot of people who purchased Ebikes, road bikes or mountain bikes in NZ that didn't consider this and ended up with a bike to big or small that simply was unrideable! So always remember to get sized up before purchasing and always, always trust the fitter Yes you may come across a scenario where the size smaller or larger maybe cheaper and the sales man insists that it will fit, but trust me the last thing you want is to drop your hard earned cash on a bike that simply is incompatible with your body!

Now it’s time to choose the right one and buy it! I also recommend purchasing any accessories you may need such as saddle bags, lights and bottle cages at the same time so that the experienced workers at the local shop can put them on for you saving you time and effort!