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Tips on Selecting Your Mountain Bike

28 Nov 2016 Posted by Rouleur Cycles

Selecting a good mountain bike in New Zealand can be difficult. There are as many bikes available as there are bike shops. Just Auckland alone has dozens. A good mountain bike should last you for years. If you are a frequent biker or an enthusiast, you probably have a favourite shop or place that you trust for all your biking needs.

So, what’s important when buying a mountain bike in New Zealand? Quality, of course. Finding the best value-for-price balance is far from easy. The most expensive bike isn’t always the best option, but neither is going too cheap. As a first step, you need to determine your budget. Be prepared to spend a bit on your new mountain bike if you want it to last for a while.

Next, make sure that your brand new New Zealand mountain bike is the right fit for you – that the sizing is correct, the seat and handlebars adjust the way you need them to, and so on. If you aren’t comfortable on the bike, it’s probably not the right fit for you. Ask the bike shop if you can test ride it. They might have indoor facilities for that, or let you take it for a spin around the block. Don’t be offended if they ask for some form of ID though – some people will try to steal expensive bikes that way.

Riding it around the block will help you see whether you are comfortable or not in a way that just mounting it won’t. And in case you can’t do that, ask for a possible return policy, and ride it as soon as you get a chance. Often, if there is no wear, a bike shop will take the bike back. When you’ve made sure that the bike is comfortable and within price-range, make sure to check that it matches any other criteria you may have. Does it have good suspension? Are the pedals and gears appropriate to your needs? As a last point: Does it look good?

Now, looks shouldn’t be a deciding factor when buying a new bike, however, if you buy yourself a brand-new bike and are wavering between two, pick the one that looks nicer! After all, it wouldn’t do to buy a bike and then not ride it because of its looks.

When you have made your selection, make sure you have the fitting accessories as well. You may want a better saddle, or even new pedals. If you get them at the time of buying the bike, the shop may offer to install them for you free of charge. That way, you can take your perfect bike home with you, improvements included. Other items include the required lighting, mud-guards and handles. Mountain bikes are meant to be ridden off-road. That doesn’t mean that you need to be covered in mud during your trip.

If you’re not sure which accessories to get, or if you need any additional items, ask the store employees. Mountain bikes in New Zealand is a big market, they’ll know what’s right for you, without going over your set budget. When you are done, when you’ve selected everything you need, it’s time to ride your newest acquisition outside, and enjoy the summer days on a bike!