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Importance of Wearing Cycling Helmets

8 Dec 2016 Posted by Rouleur Cycles

Have you ever met or seen a road accident? If not, you can’t imagine the real sufferings. If you are a cyclist, then you better know that a helmet is a tool for providing the road safety.

Isn’t it right to call it a brain bucket or road rash repellent? The answer is obviously yes, since it is a very essential thing during cycling. Every year statistical data about the road accidents shows us many injury cases. We come to know that maximum of these are due to not wearing helmets. A helmet is very vital for runners of two wheeled vehicles.

Let’s throw light on the importance of wearing a bike helmet on the road and see, how it saves your life from dangers:

Safety for the Brain: A cycling helmet protects your brain from injuries since the brain is the most threatened part of your body. You know the head injuries cause the most serious fatalities. It also results in the long term disabilities in case of cycling accidents. Bike-related deaths figure out about sixty percent of all the road accidents.

Riding a bike or a cycle without wearing a bike headgear increases the risk of sustaining the dangerous head injury. Actually, the young bike-riders feel uncool wearing a helmet. Hence, they suffer the most among all the people meeting road accidents. In fact, laws should be made and strictly implemented to avoid such hazards. Moreover, if young will see their parents wearing a cycling helmet, they will also follow them.

Visibility Increases: Mostly, it happens that drivers don’t see the cyclists. Everyone on the road is in a hurry. A bike helmet has reflective strips. These make you more visible to the drivers. Early morning and evening hours are the busiest times. You must have to be very careful during these hours. The selection of right color helmet is also the important point to ponder. The bright colored bike headgear will enhance the visibility for the drivers.

Safety from Angry Weathers: As you know that the weather is always unpredictable. It may become stormy, when you are riding. Whether you plan to ride in the storm or not, you must have to save yourself from weather hazards.

How insecure you will feel riding without wearing a bike helmet! It will become more dreadful, if you are at a long distance from the safe position. There are winter helmets available in the markets to keep you warm in frigid cold temperatures. A helmet protects you from intense sun, hailing and rain as well.

Implementation of the Traffic Laws: You will surely agree that the strict traffic laws can prevent people from road accidents. Especially, the children between 10 to 18 years old must not be allowed to ride a bike. They should first learn the laws and get a license for riding.

In most of the areas of the world, less than 18 years old boys are riding bikes. They are also enjoying one-wheeling on the main roads even without wearing helmets. They think themselves brave. But,when an accident occurs, they realize the truth. Their injury or the disability teaches them the actual lesson. That time, it is useless. Therefore, it is necessary to make it your habit to wear a helmet. It is a precautionary measure and not a sign of cowardice for you. Read more about bike helmets on this page.