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Feeling Uncomfortable on the Bike? How a Bike Fit Fixed My Injuries and Changed My Cycling Life!

10 Mar 2017 Posted by Rouleur Cycles

As a road cyclist that frequently races and trains almost daily, it's obvious that I spend a lot of time on my beloved bicycle. A few weeks ago after a hard training block I noticed some knee and back pain but I didn't think much of it and reverted to my tough cyclist mentality of ‘just ride it out.’

Well fast forward a few weeks of more training the pain became almost unbearable and here I am now, sidelined while enviously watching my friends epic rides on strava in the almost perfect weather. So now you're probably wondering what caused me all that unbearable pain? Well, simply put my position on the bike was totally wrong causing me injuries and severe discomfort. So how did I fix this? I went to my local bike shop and got a bike fit, and I am happy to report it is the best time and money I have ever spent in my four years of competitively cycling.

So let's talk about this bike fit and why you, me and everybody in between who rides on two wheels needs one.

My bike fit experience in Auckland began with a consultation at a bike shop in Auckland. During this consultation the experienced bike fitter asked me some general questions like ‘How often do you ride? Or Are you a recreational cyclist or a famed weekend warrior?’ These questions helped give the fitter a better idea of what kind and style of riding I mainly do and I assume this can help the fitter get the right fit for you and your needs.

After the interrogation phase my bike fitter from Auckland set up my carbon pony on the indoor trainer. Seeing my bike setup on a trainer gave me the chills because I mean seriously who even enjoys indoor trainer sessions? Luckily for me my fitter advised to me that I won't be doing any intervals giving me a sense of relief.

So I jumped on and began easy pedalling for a quick few minutes to ensure I resumed my natural riding position. After a few minutes revving the turbo the fitter asked me to stop and began taking a wide array of measurements. These included saddle height, reach, knee angle and arm angle. My cleat position was also noted down. When asked about why this was necessary the fitter told me that if any part of the new position were to be uncomfortable we could always go back to step one and try again which I thought was very smart.    

The rest was really just a blur of measurements, banter and talk of the newest and greatest bits of cycling tech. So what did I get out of this two hour bike fit? Well I obviously had a lot of changes to my position on the bike. These were a new saddle height, a shorter stem at a different height, narrower bars, a change in bike seat angle and fore aft placement as well as a brand new pedal system and cleat position.

All these changes added up to a much more comfortable and surprisingly more powerful position on the bike for me. Yes it was fairly costly and time consuming but I can honestly say it was the best ever (and most noticeable) upgrade I have ever purchased. So do I recommend bike fits in Auckland? No, if you enjoy getting injured and off the bike for weeks on end then a bike fit in Auckland is not for you. But if you love riding the bike for days on end, comfortably and powerfully then I 100% recommend you to get a bike fit