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Holiday Plans of a Cyclist

14 Oct 2016 Posted by Rouleur Cycles

Holidays are coming up and people always seem to ask me what I am planning to do. As an extremely unorganized and spontaneous kind of person I flick the question off with a simple and easy answer to stop the interrogation ‘nothing’.

Now my friends know that I love road cycling and there is no space in my heart or garage for anything other than all things road cycling. But I have a dirty secret that nobody knows about, something that I only get to do in the holidays. Can you guess what it is? No, because nobody knows that my dirty secret is mountain biking.

Now all my roadie friends are probably perplexed as to why I a complex individual who only does his rides with skinny tires on a smooth road would participate in something so wild and radical as mountain biking. Well ever since I first saw mountain bike, something about those funky suspension forks and frames made me intrigued enough to take one of the mountain bike shop’s rental bike for a mountain biking session. I chose to do the ever famous Auckland MTB rides that seem to clog up my newsfeed everyday (seriously, stop with the guerilla marketing I enjoy seeing funny videos of trump).

My First Mountain Bike Ride in Auckland

The first few kilometres I felt I was way above my head in water (and mud) and simply put I wanted to jump off and prematurely end my inaugural Auckland MTB ride but something kept me going. Truth is I paid good money to rent out that hire bike from the mountain bike shop for a day so I was not going to give up on the Auckland MTB ride yet.

The trails at woodhill were definitely gnarly and radical as mountain bikers always love to say but the thing that really hooked me onto my latest dirty secret was the air time I got when bombing it over the huge ramps. I mean on the road when do you ever get the opportunity to fly through the air for a few seconds and land softly on two wheels, that's right the only time you get to do that on the road is when that newbie rider chops your line and you go flying into the ground. Such fun.

Mountain Bike Riding and Road Riding

So would I recommend my dirty secret to my other road riding compatriots? Yes and no is the answer to that subjective question. Yes if you have a deep pocket to pay to get your new ten thousand dollar mountain bike and keep it serviced at least once after a ride. No if you hate cleaning your bike, long drives to the trails and if you're a boring roadie only focused on the road (used to be me). But seriously would I do it again? Of course. I will try and spend my entire holidays hitting the trails hard if I can. The joy of changing scenery and terrain also keeps me motivated and hooked as sometimes I find myself riding a thirty centimetre trail with a cliff to my right (with a one hundred meter drop off) and a fat thorn bush to my left, remember this is while going forty kilometres per hour so it really is no joke. So there you have it, I've told you about my new dirty new past time and why I love it so how about you tell me what your favourite discipline in the great wide world of cycling is and why I should try it. If you manage to convince me that your sport is that good I will give it a go but if you want to contact me I won't be available for a few weeks as my mountain bike is calling. See you out on the trails!

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