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Different Types of Bike Repairs Offered by Rouleur Cycles

18 Nov 2016 Posted by

Rouleur Cycles has a well-built bike workshop in Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand. One of our specialities is bike repairs. Our shop has a dedicated bike workshop that offers the right services for everyone, and every bike.

Rouleur Cycles offers various kinds of bike services, from overhauls to repairs. Bike repairs are a bit of a necessary evil – they’ll come around every year or so at least, sometimes more frequently, depending on how much you use your bike. Eventually though, repairs will be needed on all bikes.

That’s why it’s important to have a reliable and fast bike workshop at your disposal. Fast and efficient work is nearly as important as price. We are very affordable, but it is quality that is the deciding factor.

Next to the standard wear and tear fixes, such as punctured tyres, Rouleur Cycles also offer repairs such as replacing broken parts, or upgrades to better parts. These upgrades are called bicycle overhauls, and those should be done every few years, or even once a year. Here, parts are replaced with superior parts, but before those are so worn down that they strictly need replacing. It can be a fine balance but the staff at Rouleur Cycles knows their stuff, and always give great advice on when to replace and when to keep parts in service.

Bike Tuning

Another service that we offer is tuning. When tuning a bike, parts won’t be replaced, but rather adjusted to be the best they can be. Lose screws will be tightened, gears greased and chains inspected. Essentially, the bike is put into best form, without needing any new or additional parts. When a complete overhaul is not an option, this service (we offer several variations of it) is perfect.

Bike tuning takes less time and the requirements are flexible and tailored to your needs. Not only this but it is a more affordable option than simply replacing parts outright. Given that the nature of tuning is to tweak and adjust parts of the bike, this is often done more than once a year. You may even go back once or twice to try different settings on your bike parts. In the end, this bike tuning helps you tailor your bike to your own personal specifications and without breaking the bank.

Bikes will need to be worked on over time, they’re designed to be used after all. Whether it’s to repair broken parts, overhaul old parts for new, or just to fine-tune an existing setup. As a cyclist, you do have lots of choice over where to take your bike, many places offer at least one of the above services. Repairs tend to be the most common, problems are often similar between bikes and fixes should be quick. Very few places offer all three services, or in such tailored packages though. Tuning can often be overlooked for example in favour of just selling new parts to customers.

You need to have the confidence and knowledge that the shop you are going to is reliable, quick and affordable. That they are going to offer you more than just one service, and find the right package for you. At Rouleur Cycles’ bike repair workshop, we offer just that and we always try to be more than just a bike shop but the most trusted friend of yours when it comes anything cycling related.