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Holiday Plans of a Cyclist

14 Oct 2016 Posted by Rouleur Cycles

Holidays are coming up and people always seem to ask me what I am planning to do. As an extremely unorganized and spontaneous kind of person I flick the question off with a simple and easy answer to stop the interrogation ‘nothing’.

Why Do I Recommend Bike Fit at Rouleur Cycles? A Kiwi Cyclist Speaks

12 Oct 2016 Posted by Rouleur Cycles

When looking to get into the sport of cycling, I had a lot of fun researching the fancy new and quirky cycling equipment like electronic wireless shifting, super light carbon fibre frames and the best new aerodynamic cycling equipment like helmets and skinsuits.

How I Thought Through Selecting the Best Bike Shop and Custom Fitting My First Bike

11 Oct 2016 Posted by Rouleur Cycles

A question I get all the time as an insider of the bike shop industry is what is the best bike shop. Well that is a hard questions as there are many factors that work together to build the best bike shop. One of my favourite things about bike shops is their shop bike rides. I think if a bike shop doesn't at least have one or two bunch rides they cannot be considered in my list of best bike shops, why you ask? Well I simply love riding and riding with others getting a draft and having a mini race can be one of the most fun types of riding I do, races are fun but they cost money and have a high risk of crashing so the next best thing for me is definitely shop bike rides.

Definitive Guide for Buying Durable Bicycle

10 Oct 2016 Posted by Rouleur Cycles

I loved going to bike stores to buy bicycles and in a way it lead to build a lovely bike store for myself. The thing I enjoy most about going to shop for bikes is gazing at all the quirky and innovative new inventions that the bike industry has thought of. But when going to a bike store to shop for bikes it is very important to factor in many different aspects before you make the decision to buy bicycles. My first tip would be to no matter how good the deal is never ever shop for bikes at a department store. Seriously. Don't even consider it. Not even for your grandma, kid or yourself. They are just rubbish. They should be illegal to ride on, they pose a risk to those who ride them and those who are nearby.