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Cycling Apparel- What You Need to Know About Buying It

15 Mar 2017 Posted by Rouleur Cycles

Shopping for cycling apparel can be both a daunting and a fun task. Whether your just looking to buy a pair of bibshorts or a jersey there's a lot to take into consideration before taking your card out and dropping your hard earned cash on some nice kit. 

As a lover of all things to do with cycling equipment I love keeping tabs on the latest and greatest cycling apparel and kit that comes out every year especially from the historic Italian brand, Castelli cycle clothing aswell as new and innovative Scottish brand Endura cycle clothing. 

So first off let's talk about size because size matters. As a road cyclist looking for kit sizing is the most important factors in choosing the "one". Not colour, not material, not brand, sizing always comes first. So how do you determine the right size you ask? Well my first pro tip to save time and money is too stay off the internet and go straight to your local stores. But the internet has a bigger range and lower prices. My answer to that is Yes and No. Yes internet stores may have cheaper prices but the truth is the likelihood of ordering the wrong size is always prevalent and hence in the long run ordering before trying kit will end up in a lot of wasted coin and time. Trust me I know a lot of people who have done this many, many times. 

So you are at your local bike shop what next? 

Well it's quite simple, find the garment your looking for or something similar that fits in your budget and try it on. Now here's another secret. Never ever just put the kit on and look in the mirror and think it fits well. You must always adopt a riding position and then decide on whether it's comfortable and fits well. A lot of people don't do this and it really isn't fun when you think you've got the perfect fitting kit but then when you jump on the bike it's the most uncomfortable kit ever. So always remember to try the kit on in a riding "bent over" position to get a good feeling for the kit before you buy. 

So now you know that size matters when choosing cycling apparel now let's talk about some cool pieces of kit. 

When people ask for a jersey or rain jacket for winter that will keep them dry and warm but not too warm I tell them "say no more" and whisk them away to the colourful rack of Castelli Cycle Clothing Gabba jersey range. The Gabba has an extraordinary history for a cycling jersey. It was introduced to the professionals around the year of 2007 if my memory serves me right and it stormed onto the scene with riders winning the early season classics donning the now iconic jersey. There's even a story that apparently classics king Fabian Cancellara went into every shop stocking the Gabba and bought up all the stock for him and his team. That's how popular the Gabba is! 

Another great brand I have recently discovered is Endura cycle clothing. Reigning from Scotland, Endura cycle clothing has innovated their way into the mass market. Currently endura produces kit for top world tour team Movistar. With success of the team in the recent years it's clear that Endura produces some of the best kit out on the market and I can honestly say they have the biggest range of any brand on the market. They produce sizes from kids up to XXL and range from mountain biking, road cycling and even casual wear. 

So as you can see there is a great range of high quality brands to choose your next cycling kit from, just always remember to try before you buy!